Gizmo Panel offers an expert suite of editing features that are designed specifically for photographers. With its advanced tools and intuitive architecture, you can easily make sophisticated color adjustments, dynamic contrast enhancements, powerful retouching techniques, and much more – all within just a few clicks!

Gizmo Panel offers a variety of options ranging from luminosity masking to extremely accurate selections and provides an improved workflow that generates more beautiful results. Get ready to become a part of Gizmo Panel's unique universe; your creativity will never be limited again!

Imagine you could…

Accelerate your editing process and explore a world of creative possibilities. Unlock over 130 professional tools to add unmatched detail and finish to every image!

  • Give your photos a professional makeover! Unlock the hidden potential of color and design with stunning results.
  • Unleash your imagination and take editing to the next level.
  • Streamline your workflow for a faster and more efficient editing process.


Gizmo Panel takes beauty photography to the next level. With a collection of exceptional tools for skin retouching, color grading and masking that allow you to unleash your creativity like never before!


Gizmo Panel's Landscape section is truly revolutionary, offering photographers a variety of different functions to enhance their landscape images. With Gizmo, you can easily correct common defects like banding, remove hot pixels and digital noise. And that's not all – Gizmo Panel offers a variety of stunning filters to really make your photographs pop!

Extreme precision

Enjoy limitless creative possibilities with the power of luminosity zones and targeted color! Achieve extreme precision when refining your images with Gizmo Panel. Masking has been completely revolutionized by this intuitive and comprehensive tool, allowing you to load selections or adjustment masks without wasting any time! Prepare to be amazed at how easy it is to bring out desired effects on an image in record speed.

Download Gizmo Panel Lite

Gizmo Panel is the next generation panel for Adobe Photoshop. It’s packed with features that will make your life easier, more efficient, and more creative.