Enhance your Photoshop skills and streamline your workflow with advanced tools and cutting-edge technologies from Gizmo Panel

Our solutions are designed to maximize your capabilities and boost productivity, allowing you to achieve professional results efficiently.

Beauty Section

Designed for a new retouching experience and has all the tools and techniques necessary for a professional portrait retouching. Easy to use for beginners and yet advanced for experienced users.
  • Frequency Separation
  • Dodge and Burn
  • Skin Enhancements
  • Digital Makup

Landscape Section

Using just a few clicks and sliders you can adjust color/tonality, achieve the perfect black-and-white look, create luminosity masks, and apply various enhancements to your images.
  • Corrections and Filters
  • Luminosity Masks
  • Adjustments and Tools
  • Vignetting

Tools Section

Effortlessly generate a wide range of premium color grades with just one click. Recover shadows and highlights, blur background, automatically adjust colors, tones and contrast.
  • Color Grading
  • Background Blur
  • Unsharp Mask 20/10
  • Auto Adjustments

Natural Skin Smoothing

Gizmo Panel uses skin smoothing tools designed to give truly beautiful and natural results.
Flawless retouching. Smooth skin with frequency separation. Retouch with Dodge and Burn. Enhance skin automatically using Neural filters. Add texture, adjust skin tone, remove red patches and add pigment to the skin.
Get that perfect skin with a soft, glowing complexion and no flaws while still keeping that natural texture.

Full RAW Development

Enhance your photography skills and elevate your images to the next level by refining every detail and mastering precise adjustments.
Check images for any sensor dust spots and proceed with reducing noise. Apply automatic black and white point correction. Adjust the white balance automatically. One click cooling and warming filters.
Add sharpness and clarity to bring out the details, address any haze using Dehaze effect, enhance foliage, apply the Orton effect, add film grain and explore various other editing options available.

Bring Out True Colors

Gizmo Panel provides a comprehensive set of tools for enhancing color vibrancy. Easily adjust and balance color saturation.
Fine-tune cooling and warming filters according to your specific preferences. 

Luminosity Masks

Enhance your photography skills and elevate your images to the next level by refining every detail and mastering precise adjustments.
Enjoy limitless creative possibilities with the power of luminosity zones and targeted color.
Achieve complete control over tonal values. Make extremely precise selections with ease.

Create Unlimited High Quality Color Grades

Create customized color grades that will truly make your images shine and grab attention.
Seamlessly transition from one complete color grade to another in a matter of seconds, and then effortlessly tailor them all to align perfectly with your individual artistic vision.  

Experience a Wide Range of Black and White Photography

Create stunning, everlasting images that capture your distinctive style with Gizmo Panel.
Transforming photos into black and white has never been easier, allowing you to explore endless creative possibilities with just a single click.
Let your artistic vision shine through effortlessly with Gizmo Panel.

Adjustments and Tools

Gizmo Panel gives you quick access to a variety of tools and adjustments, such as background blur, details enhancements, vignetting and lighting adjustment.
In addition, the tools section provides a convenient way to access a variety of advanced functions, such as darken background, unsharp mask 20/10, recover highlights, shadows and more.  

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