Turn Your Photos into Stunning Artwork with Gizmo Painter

Transform your favorite photos into beautiful Oil Paintings, Pencil Drawings, or Watercolor masterpieces with ease using the Gizmo Painter plugin for Adobe Photoshop. Elevate your creativity to the next level with just a few clicks!


Turn Picture into Painting with just One Click

With the Gizmo Painter plugin for Adobe Photoshop you have the ability to turn your photos into sketches, oil paintings or watercolors in minutes.

The Gizmo Painter plugin is an amazing tool for transforming any type of image into a piece of art.

Canvas textures can be used to add an extra layer of sophistication and style to your painting.

Adding a border to your painting can make all the difference in elevating its look and feel.

Add Splashing to create movement and a sense of energy in your painting.

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