Elevate your image editing game with Gizmo Panel the ultimate retouching plugin.

Unleash the power of professional-grade tools such as Frequency Separation, Dodge and Burn, Luminosity Masking, Color Correction, Vignettes, and Sharpness all in one place. Get ready to perfect your shots like a pro with Gizmo Panel, and take your retouching skills to new heights.

Master the art of post processing with Gizmo Panel.

With its advanced tools and intuitive architecture, you can easily make sophisticated color adjustments, dynamic contrast enhancements, powerful retouching techniques, and much more all within just a few clicks!

Beauty mode

Create stunning visuals

In the world of high-end beauty, editorial, and commercial work, having the right tools is essential for creating stunning and professional results. This is where Gizmo Panel comes in.

Precision Boost For Any Project

This advanced pluginis specifically designed to enhance beauty retouching and provide photographers, retouchers, and makeup artists with the essential tools needed to create flawless, polished images. With Gizmo Panel, you can easily balance skin tones, correct imperfections, and add subtle yet impactful enhancements to your images.

Landscape mode

Next Level Outdoor Photography

As outdoor photographers, we understand the challenges that come with capturing stunning landscapes, wildlife, and adventures in the wild. That's why we've developed an intelligent, easy-to-use, and powerful tool to help photographers like you take your outdoor shots to the next level.

Unlock the power of Luminosity Masks

Gizmo Panel has an array of tools available, including Luminosity Masks that allow you to select important regions of tones in your image with ease. These masks make it possible to boost or reduce brightness and contrast for specific areas, adding a whole new level of dimension and interest to your photography.

Unlock over 130 professional tools

Enhance, Edit & Create

With the Gizmo Panel, you can accelerate your editing process dramatically while unlocking over 130 professional tools that add unmatched detail and finish to every image. This powerful tool allows you to explore a world of creative possibilities, making it easier than ever to produce stunning photos that showcase your unique style and vision.

Whether you're working on portraits, landscapes, or anything in between, the Gizmo Panel is an essential addition to any photographer's toolkit.

Master the art of post processing with Gizmo Panel.

Frequency Separation

Frequency Separation provides an advanced retouching technique that separates images into two frequencies (low and high), allowing for flexible and high quality editing of volume and texture. This method works seamlessly with Photoshop tools, offering precision and superior results.

Luminosity Masking

Achieve Complete Control over Tonal Values with Ease! Take charge of your image's highlights, midtones, shadows, and more with absolute precision and finesse. 

Dodge & Burn

Dodge & Burn is an effective retouching technique that employs tools for dimming and brightening. This process allows for emphasizing volume and achieving a complete facial retouching, as all imperfections can be attributed to incorrect shadows and highlights.

Photo Enhancements

Achieve Professional Results Instantly with New One-Click Presets - No Complex Edits Required.

Achieve any task faster and easier 

Say goodbye to lag and slow load times caused by multiple individual plugins. Gizmo Panel features a well-organized, intuitive interface that integrates seamlessly with Adobe Photoshop® and can be placed anywhere on your workspace. With a methodical button layout, you'll develop a strong workflow rhythm and say goodbye to monotonous tasks.

Gizmo Panel

Gizmo Panel

Gizmo Panel offers a comprehensive suite of advanced editing features that dramatically streamline workflow and give you maximum creative control over your photographs.